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Dogs and Cats

There are a variety of ways to find the pet you have been searching for. You are always welcome to visit the Brougher Companion Animal Shelter in person where you can meet the animals. Our knowledgeable Customer Service Representatives are ready to assist you in finding the perfect addition to your family. We have convenient online resources and Satellite Shelters to aid in your search as well. To submit an application to adopt a pet, please click on the link below to submit your application online. You will be notified of your status as soon as possible.

The fees for adoption can vary on the age and breed of the animal. Included in the fee is the microchip, current vaccinations, relevant testing, and the spay or neuter.

The average adult cat aged 1 year to 5 years is $85. Kittens under 4 months are $140 and senior cats 6 years and over are $45.

The average adult dog aged 1 year to 5 years is $235.  Puppies are $260. Senior dogs aged 6 years and older are $175.

If you have questions regarding a particular dog or cat please contact the Customer Service Staff at 717-764-6109 ext. 0.

Small Animals

Most of our shelter pets are dogs and cats. However, we rescue all kinds of animals including rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, rodents,birds and reptiles.

Many of our small animals are housed in a “condo” which is located amidst our cat rooms. This is where you will find our rabbits, guinea pigs and other small animals.

Our small animal room is almost always filled with rabbits and we have dedicated volunteers who cater to their specific needs. If you have questions on general rabbit care, please stop by the shelter to speak with our knowledgeable and dedicated volunteers or click on the link below.

Rabbit Care Information

Please note that any rabbit adopted from this facility would be contractually required to live indoors only.

If, after researching rabbit needs and care tips, you are ready to submit an application to adopt one of our shelter bunnies, please click on the link below to submit your application on line.


There are numerous horses available for adoption through the York County SPCA. Please e-mail for more information.


 Adoption Application

You must complete an application and be granted approval before you can meet with any of our animals. You can save time by completing an application ahead of your visit to the shelter. You can also complete an application in person  (applications are available at the reception desk). Please view our Adoption Application Expectations before submitting an online application.

Submit a DOG Adoption Application Online Submit a CAT Adoption Application Online Submit a RABBIT Adoption Application Online Submit a BARNYARD ANIMAL Adoption Application Online Submit an BIRD Adoption Application Online Submit an EXOTIC/OTHER ANIMAL Adoption Application Online Submit an EQUINE Adoption Application Online





Online Resources

YCSPCA cats, dogs, small animals, and horses can be found at the following links:


Shelter Cats:  York County SPCA Page   |   Download Cat Adoption Tips
Shelter Dogs: York County SPCA Page |   Download Dog Adoption Tips
Horses: Find on

Visit York County SPCA Page to view all animals

Visit  to view cats

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Media Resources

Fox’s Furry Friends
Tune into Fox43 to view our shelter animals every fourth Wednesday on the FOX morning news. Look for our appearance between 8:45am and 9am.

       Hot 106.7-Tune into Hot 106.7 at 7:45 am for Steph’s Pet Spotlight (stay tuned to our monthly calendar for the exact date!) to hear all about an           adoptable SPCA dog. After we go on the air, go to Hot 106.7 on Facebook to watch their video with the adoptable dog. Thanks Steph and Puff for           having us!



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