Humane Actions


The role of the York County SPCA’s Humane Society Police Officer, Nicole Lawrence, is to protect the animals in our community through investigation, education, intervention and prosecution.

Cruelty to Animals is a very serious and often dangerous problem. Many times, it is a symptom of dysfunction within a family, a learned behavior, or a precursor to future criminal and violent tendencies. It is for these reasons that we treat each complaint differently, based upon the severity and circumstances of each situation.

On average, Officer Lawrence receives and investigates nearly 1,000 complaints annually. She removes 300-400 animals each year from neglectful situations and brings these animals to our shelter for safety and loving care. She also files dozens of citations as a result of the cruelty and neglect that she encounters.

If you suspect or witness animal abuse or cruelty, please contact Officer Lawrence at 717-764-6109 ext. 127 or If you wish to remain anonymous, you may leave a message for Officer Lawrence on her voicemail. (Anonymous calls are investigated on an equal basis with calls containing complainant information.) If the situation is of an urgent nature, you should contact 911 for immediate assistance. Officer Lawrence can be reached through York County Control to respond to an emergency, or a local or state law enforcement officer may assist you if warranted. Please refrain from intervening if possible. If the scene of an animal crime is disturbed, it could interfere with the investigation and prosecution by a trained law enforcement official.


*Officer Nicole Lawrence has been serving our community as a Humane Society Police Officer for the York County SPCA for nearly 19 years. Her expertise in the field of animal welfare, her professionalism in her role, and her dedication to her work are exemplary. Nicole works tirelessly to protect animals and to further the mission of our organization. The York County SPCA could not ask for a finer example of a team member, advocate and Humane Law Enforcement Officer.




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