Humane Actions

Nicoleportrait_000The mission of the York County SPCA Humane Society Police Officer is to educate the public on the proper care and needs of their pets, provide animals with protection from abusers by removing them from harmful situations, ensure that animals are provided with necessary veterinary care and provide a place for abandoned and unwanted animals who would otherwise be left behind.

The York County SPCA employs Humane Society Police Officers who are professionally trained to investigate and prosecute Section 5511 of the PA Crimes Code, otherwise know as the Cruelty to Animals Statute. If you suspect an animal is being abused, please contact either the York County SPCA (717) 764-6109 or York County 911. Humane Society Police Officers are accessible 24 hours a day/7 days a week to respond to emergencies.

In the state of Pennsylvania, summary offenses under the Cruelty to Animals statute are punishable by a fine ranging from $50 to $750 and/or 90 days in jail. It is important to note that these penalties are set by the presiding magistrate, not the York County SPCA nor its officers.

Cruelty to Animals is extremely serious and is sometimes partnered with other offenses at the scene of the crime. Please do not take matters into your own hands if you have a concern about a situation. You could be breaking the law and putting yourself in harm’s way. In addition, you could disturb a crime scene that could potentially inhibit a Humane Society Police Officer from properly investigating and prosecuting the crime.

Please help us in protecting the animals of York County. We need your assistance to alert us of potential animal abuse.

*Meet Nicole Lawrence.  She has been a Humane Society Police Officer with the York County SPCA for 15 years. Her expertise in the area of animal welfare is commendable and her dedication to her job, the York County SPCA and the animals in our community is outstanding. Nicole is on call 24 hours a day to fight animal cruelty and York County is a better place because of her.*



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