Lost & Found

If you have lost or found an animal, please click here to fill out and submit a form to notify us.

Submit a Lost or Found Animal – Online Form

Have you seen lost pets? Contact us with a found pet online or call 717-764-6109

  1. Act immediately – every second counts! Clink on the link for our online form to enter your information and upload a photo.
  2. Contact Animal Rescue at 717.993.3232
  3. Contact the State Dog Warden:
    Cathy McKinney 717.329.5106 York County
  4. Contact your local Police Departments and Animal Control Officers for the municipality you live in and also surrounding municipalities. The York County SPCA also has a listing of the animal control officers’ phone numbers listed by municipality. Remember to also contact any SPCA’s or humane organizations in neighboring counties if you live on a county line. We can provide you with a listing if necessary.
  5. Contact the newspapers: York Newspapers 717.767.4237 (Will run a free ad for four days) – Hanover Evening Sun 717.637.3736 – Baltimore Sun 800.829.8000
  6. Place flyers/posters in local businesses and give them to: local veterinarians, neighbors, area groomers, area children, your mail carrier, and regular delivery persons.
  7. If you live by a neighboring county, please contact that county’s humane organizations:
    Adams County: Adams County SPCA 334.8876
    Cumberland and Dauphin County: Humane Society of Harrisburg 564.3350
    Lancaster County: Humane League of Lancaster County 393.6551 and Lancaster SPCA 917-6979

Strays and Surrenders

Find a Stray?

If you find a stray animal, please contact the shelter to file a report. Call 717-764-6109. We may have a coinciding report from an owner who is missing the pet and we can help you get the animal back to its’ owner. Often, if you can hold the stray animal for a few hours, we will receive the lost report and we can reunite pet and owner quickly. If you cannot hold onto the animal and it was found within the York County limits, you may bring it to the shelter and sign it in. This is providing you are able transport safely to both you and the animal. You will need to show your ID. This option is no cost to you.

Lose a Pet?

Conversely, if you lose your pet, please file a report with the York County SPCA. Typically in York County, a found pet will eventually find its way to our shelter. However, sometimes it may take up to 24 hours for the pet to be picked up and then transported to our shelter. We will look for a microchip when we receive a cat or dog.

To reclaim your lost pet from the shelter you will need to provide picture proof and proof of dog license. After the first 48 hours you may be subject to a $25 a day boarding fee. If your dog does not have a current PA license than you will need to purchase a current license in order to leave with your dog. All dogs will need a collar and a leash to leave the shelter.

Phone Calls

We apologize in advance if you call the shelter and cannot reach a customer service representative. We have volunteers that are trying to answer all of the calls.Often the phone lines are just busy. Please leave a message. Every message gets a return phone call before we leave the shelter for the day. Your calls are important to us.

Stray Pick Up

If you would like the stray animal picked up, please contact 911. Ask them to dispatch your local Animal Control Officer who will transport the animal to the shelter. Local municipalities contract with ACO’s (Animal Control Officers) or State Dog Wardens to transport stray animals.

Other Options

 If you find a dog who is wearing a York County Dog license, you may contact the York County Treasurer (phone 771-9603) who can give you the corresponding dog owner information. We are also able to track a license for you. This may allow you to return the dog to the owner on your own.

You may also take the animal to a veterinarian who can scan the animal for a microchip and may be able to find the owner that way.

Medical Needs

When finding an injured stray animal, it is very important to seek help immediately. Call 911 and they will arrange for the fastest way to transport the animal to a health facility. We do not have a veterinarian on duty at all hours so bringing an injured animal to our shelter may not be the fastest way to obtain medical treatment. The York County SPCA will respond and transport these animals for treatment. For your own safety, we do not encourage you to approach or attempt to move an injured animal as they may try to bite out of fear or pain. However, if you must move an injured animal for its’ immediate safety, approach slowly and use a blanket and/or gloves to relocate.

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